Top 10 Universities in England and Wales with Low Crime Levels 2017

The Complete University Guide’s 2017 crime tables are out. Calculated using the annual number of reported incidents (per 1,000 residents) around students' term-time addresses, our crime tables provide safety conscience students with an invaluable source of information when making their university choices.

The CUG crime score collates the reported incidence of burglaries, robberies and violent and sexual offences.

Here’s a rundown of the 10 universities in England and Wales with the lowest levels of relevant crime. Click on the relevant link to see a crime heatmap of the university's neighbourhood:

"Harper Adams University"

=8. Harper Adams University

CUG Crime Score: 23.4

As it’s an agricultural specialist, you would expect Harper Adams University to be in a safe area – and it turns out you’d be right. In fact, it is virtually located in the ‘middle of nowhere’ with the nearest built up area being the village of Edgmond. For those fond of a few amenities, the town of Newport is not far away, so it's not all rural living. If agriculture is your passion, and you’re not fussed about missing out on living it up in a bustling city, Harper Adams is a no-brainer.

See the Harper Adams University crime heatmap.

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