Top Tips for Saving Money on Travel – Driving

Car Panorama

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Avoiding peak hours and sharing petrol costs
are great ways to save money when travelling
by car

Although bus and train travel remove the stress of having to drive yourself, if you own a car, it makes sense to get your money's worth from it.

Not only that, but driving your own car allows you to go directly from door-to-door, stop whenever you like and take any route of your choice. 

Avoid busy hours

Once again, a top tip for saving money on travel is to avoid driving during peak times. If the motorway is busy, the chances of having to break and constantly change speed is much higher. As a result, your fuel efficiency will be much worse, and you'll have to buy more petrol sooner.

On the other hand, if you drive outside of peak travel times, the roads should be clearer and you can maintain a steady speed, keeping fuel consumption to a minimum.

Car share with a friend

Although it's unlikely that you'll have a friend at university who lives in the same town as you, there is a chance that you'll know somebody who lives somewhere that you pass on your journey (or vice-versa).

If this is the case, then it might be worth sharing a car when driving to and from your university town. Having an extra person on board means that you can split the fuel cost, and it also gives you some company during what could otherwise be a dull few hours.

Car share with others

There are a number of car-sharing websites that can help you to find people who are looking to do a similar journey to you. Websites such as National Carshare and Student Carshare allow you to contact other people and organise journeys, with the latter holding links with many universities and colleges around the UK.

When car sharing with strangers, it is always important to bear in mind your personal safety. National Carshare and Student Carshare both have sensible suggestions to help ensure that everything goes smoothly, such as showing your IDs and giving family members/friends details of the journey beforehand.

Car clubs

If you don't own a car, but you can drive, then maybe a car club is the option for you. If you're at a campus university or live near it, there's a good chance that the only time you will need a car is when you drive back home. Given that the cost of insurance, servicing, MOTs and the like can really add up, it's arguably not worth it to own a car during university if you rarely use it.

With that in mind, car clubs offer you the chance to rent a car at an hourly rate. As insurance is often included in these rates, car clubs provide a very cost effective way to travel around the country by car.