Where to Live

After choosing your university and course, the next most important decision is where to live.

Moving in

We have devoted this section to where to live because it is often by far the biggest item of expenditure.

It is crucial for success at university, so it is worth giving time and effort to the various accommodation options available, making sure you maintain maximum flexibility within any arrangements.

  • Leaving home, and perhaps your country, is a big move and it will all feel very strange at first.
  • It is reassuring that the other first-year students are in the same boat.
  • The trick is to survive, even thrive, to the Christmas vacation.
  • Most who leave university do so in those first few months simply because they are lonely and feel isolated.
  • It is false economy to cut corners when it comes to choosing your first accommodation.

If you are warm and well fed this will impact on your happiness and enjoyment and help you to settle in quickly. This, in turn, will have a positive effect on your studies and as a result you are likely to do well. 

UNITE Student Experience Report

Where undergraduate students live %
In university or private halls 36
In shared houses 27
At home 18
Other 19

Student demand is polarising. Some are seeking premium accommodation in ensuite flats with  perhaps a great view as standard, whilst others, more cash-strapped, are looking for the bare minimum.

The National Union of Students (NUS) has identified 16 different categories of accommodation, ranging from deluxe en suite to lodging in a family house or staying at home. The majority of first-year undergraduates going away to university choose to live in university-managed accommodation if they can.

Read on for all you need to know about where to live.