Where to Live – Choosing the Right Accommodation for You

This one's important – where you live can have a serious impact on health and general well-being.

You will probably be there for the majority of your university time when not at university; get it right and you're much more likely to enjoy a the experience. There are many different options to suit everyone, and we've broken it down for you!

Home or away?

For some, away is the only option, and for others it's not feasible. If your university is commutable from home, you may be considering it. Here's the pros and cons of each option:

  Home  Away
  • It's far cheaper living at home and this is the main reason for those who choose to do so. A great way to reduce your student debt.
  • Less household chores – probably.
  • Easier to remain in close contact with old friends. 
  • Ultimate independence. The time has come to flee the nest, you're free!
  • The uni lifestyle at your beck and call.
  • A wealth of like-minded souls on your doorstep means plenty of opportunities to make lasting friendships.
  • Less independence. For many, uni provides the perfect opportunity to strike out on their own. Live at home, and you'll be delaying this.
  • Some would argue that you'll miss out on the uni lifestyle. Not strictly true, as there are plenty of ways and means around this, but it will be a tad trickier.
  • Longer journey time to and from uni (and no snooze time!) Student accommodation tends to be very close to uni.
  • Student accommodation is pricey. 
  • You'll have to look after yourself. A great feat for many (too many).
  • It's likely you'll be placed with people you've never met before. This can be difficult to manage. 

REMEMBER it's your life, don't let your parents sway your decision too drastically.

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