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Qualifications and Requirements for a Career in Law

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Become a Solicitor

Solicitors provide support and advice on a range of legal matters. Find out what to expect in the job, the salary, and how to qualify in England and Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Become a Barrister or an Advocate

Barristers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland act as advocates and represent clients in court, at tribunals and public enquiries. In Scotland, lawyers representing clients in court are called advocates, performing a similar role.

Qualifying Law Degrees (QLD)

Qualifying Law Degrees, or QLDs, are degrees which satisfy the requirements of the academic stages of professional training in law. Read about QLDs in the UK.

Law Conversion Courses

Law conversion courses are intensive courses that allow those whose first degree is not in law to qualify for a career in law.

Legal Practice Course (LPC)

The Legal Practice Course (LPC) is a period of vocational study designed to introduce prospective lawyers in England and Wales to the realities of legal practice.

Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC)

The Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) is a period of postgraduate vocational study for law graduates in England and Wales, enabling them to follow a career as a barrister.

Legal Executive

Legal executives undertake similar work to a solicitor, but specialising in a specific area of law such as family law, or criminal litigation.

Qualifying in Northern Ireland – Solicitor or Barrister

Trainee solicitors and barristers wishing to practice in Northern Ireland must follow specific vocational training in order to qualify.

Qualifying in Scotland – Diploma in Professional Legal Practice (DPLP)

The Diploma in Professional Legal Practice is the period of vocational training for those wishing to practice law in Scotland.

Studying Law as a First (Undergraduate) Degree

If you're interested in studying law as a first (undergraduate) degree, follow the link to find all you need to know.