Royal Central School of Speech & Drama, University of London

Campus and Crime Map

Student Accommodation

  • Central does not operate its own halls of residence but receives an allocation in the University of London's intercollegiate halls. These are managed halls and are usually catered.
  • Alternatively students can opt to live in privately rented accommodation. Central's Accommodation Support department is on hand to provide help and advice.
  • The Student Advice Service runs two Accommodation Sharer Days during the Summer to allow students to meet up and find accommodation together. There is also a Facebook page for incoming students to join so they can meet others and decide on accommodation arrangements prior to the Sharer Days.

Student Life

  • Steeped in history, London has numerous cultural landmarks which make it one of the most significant and interesting cities in the world.
  • The city provides a vibrant and dynamic experience for students, especially those interested in theatre and culture. With theatres across the city – both large and small – and with museums and galleries aplenty, London has something for every kind of creative.
  • There is always something new to do in London, with exciting and unusual experiences popping up all the time.

Nightlife and Culture

  • London has something for everyone, with the most varied nightlife options in the whole of the UK. With many different bars and pop-up venues, large shopping centres and numerous sports and concert venues, there is something to suit its large and diverse population.