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Editorial code

This code applies to all members of our editorial staff as well as freelancers who work for us.

On 9 October 2015, the Complete University Guide was acquired by IDP Connect (formerly Hotcourses Group), a division of IDP Education, global leaders in student marketing and recruitment.

Editorial code

The guide shall operate in a manner consistent with the ethos, practice and activities of the guide in order to retain its integrity and ensure complete editorial and content independence.

All content on the site has been developed by the same team that has worked on the guide for a decade and more.

The guide and other websites belonging to IDP Connect and IDP Education shall continue as separate websites. 

The guide’s editorial independence and strategy of offering advice, guidance and information to prospective students and their mentors shall always prevail and shall remain independent from commercial objectives. The commercial strategy shall therefore support, not restrict the independent editorial stance.

The Complete University Guide's Editorial Board shall:

  • Oversee all editorial decisions made in relation to thecompleteuniversityguide.co.uk and its editorial strategy
  • Determine league table policy, methodology and compilation
  • Nominate a board member to compile specifications for HESA datasets, subject to reasonable financial constraints, and have discretion over their use
  • Determine content on the website and in media releases, printed publications and reports
  • Approve content in releases to commercial clients when thecompleteuniversityguide.co.uk is referenced alongside other IDP Connect products and services
  • Ensure the design of the website, all products, services, mobile applications and tools provided by the website from time to time are consistent with the guide’s strategy
  • Comment openly and in an objective manner on issues consistent with the website's role as a university entrance advice website, regardless of whether such views differ from those of IDP Connect
  • Be permitted to assess suitability in an objective manner of any products and services available through IDP Connect for inclusion in thecompleteuniversityguide.co.uk.

The guide's content shall be researched, written and approved by its Editorial Board with advice from its Advisory Group, and shall ensure all content is consistent with its declared strategy of putting students and their mentors first.

The guide shall highlight how it's financed and remind users of content that generates revenue, provided this does not impact the editorial strategy.

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