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Protocol for handling queries and corrections to the league tables

Have a question about our league tables or spotted an error?

This is the guide’s protocol for managing queries and corrections to the league tables after publication.

  • Universities are asked to make sure their return is correct and complete, to adhere to deadlines for responses within the HESA preview period before release to us, and also deadline dates in data-checking emails sent by us. If possible, we want all changes notified at the HESA preview stage with contact details for a named individual
  • Universities must liaise with CUG regarding CUG matters and liaise with HESA regarding HESA matters
  • Universities shouldn't be concerned with other universities, only their own data
  • We'll allow a window of ten days after publication in which to report alterations
  • Any changes reported after our ten-day deadline will be rolled over to the next edition
  • If the error is ours, we'll endeavour to publish the correction as soon as possible
  • We'll publish all other alterations in a single batch four weeks after the first publication and will put a notice on the website stating which tables have been updated and when
  • We'll notify affected institutions prior to publishing the corrections by contacting administrators in communications departments and planning departments

If you have any questions, please email Alison Patterson, University Liaison and Research Manager.

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