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Mature students: Never too late

Becoming a mature student can be a big decision. Watch our videos for the pros, cons and highlights of being a mature student.

mature student at university

Never too late

Mature students may come to education late but that doesn’t mean their education is any less important. It may be a change of career or a desire to educate yourself on another subject – either way, returning to university is still a rewarding experience. 

However, you may have some worries when thinking about applying to university as a mature student. We reached out to other mature students to hear their take on the challenges and highlights of what being a mature student is like.

Why be a mature student?

Find out why these mature students decided to return to education and what they thought about it, and learn how you can become a mature student.

Overcoming the challenges of being a mature student

Being a mature student throws up challenges and you may find yourself worrying about applying. This video shows how these students faced these challenges. 

What’s the best part of being a mature student?

Returning to education is progressive and can be the best decision you make. These students discuss what they enjoyed the most about being a mature student. 

For more information on a mature student application, as well as financial support and study environment information, see our mature students guide

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