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UCAS Performing Arts applications

If you’re applying for a performing arts course, you can apply through UCAS Conservatoires. Find out how, why and when with our helpful guide.

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What is UCAS Conservatoires?

UCAS Conservatoires is a specialised online admissions service for undergraduate, postgraduate, other music, dance and drama programmes at these UK conservatories:

How does it work?

Applicants can create a single electronic application that’ll be submitted simultaneously to a maximum of six conservatoires.

You can still make a separate application through UCAS to other universities and colleges offering music, dance and drama courses, although you can only accept a place through one system (i.e. via either UCAS Conservatoires or UCAS).

Late applications will normally be considered up to 28 August 2020.

  • If you apply after the course deadline, and before 28 August 2020 (18:00 GMT) for 2020 entry, UCAS Conservatoires will process your application and send it to the conservatoires
  • If you apply after the deadline your application will be 'late' and the conservatoires may not be able to consider you
  • You can not make an online application for 2020 entry via UCAS Conservatoires after 28 August 2020. If you want to apply for 2020 entry after this date, talk to the conservatoires directly
  • After 31 January 2020, you must confirm vacancies with the conservatoires before applying

Key Dates for Application (2020 entry)

Mid-July 2019  You may apply online on the UCAS Conservatoires website
1 October 2019 18:00 (GMT) Closing date for 'on time' music applications
15 January 2020 Closing date for majority of all applications, to be received by 18:00 (GMT)
31 January 2020 You need to reply to offers by this date if you received all decisions from conservatoires by 4 January
16 April 2020 You need to reply to any offers this date, if UCAS Conservatoires received all the decisions from your conservatoires by 16 March
30 July 2020 You need to reply to any offers by this date, if UCAS Conservatoires received all the decisions from your conservatoires by 16 July.
4 August 2020 SQA (Scottish Qualifications Authority) exam results published today
13 August 2020 A Level results published today. Conservatoires must inform UCAS if applicants have met the conditions of their offers
28 August 2020 Final day for the receipt of 'late' applications at UCAS Conservatoires
9 September 2020 You need to reply to any offers by this date, if UCAS Conservatoires received all the decisions from your conservatoires by 6 August

Note: If UCAS Conservatoires don't receive your replies by the required deadlines above, they will decline all offers on your behalf.

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