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NHS nurses talking about their experience and role


How to become a nurse

Nursing is one of the most exciting and fulfilling professions, with constant learning...

31 Jan 2022
Job ad saying 'skills required' and pen


How to write a student CV (with examples)

Guide to writing a student CV, with a list of skills and examples for students with no...

15 Oct 2021

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Close-up of pink piggy bank with graduation cap

What do graduates do and earn?

Have a look at what you can do and earn after graduation.

09 Jun 2022
Three students discussing notes around a table

What do postgraduate students do and earn?

Our tables give a snapshot of jobs and earnings in the UK once you’ve graduated from a...

20 Jun 2022
The concept of gender pay gap. A miniature man and a miniature woman sitting on top of a pile of coins at different heights in front of a bar graph.

Graduate gender pay gap

A gender pay gap still exists, even in graduate jobs. See the table below to discover how...

13 Jun 2022

Careers with a Geography degree

Wondering what career options you have with a Geography degree? We take you through some...

17 Dec 2021
A therapeutic radiographer talks about her experience and role working in the NHS.

How to become a therapeutic radiographer

Assisting cancer patients on their road to recovery is one of many privileges afforded to...

04 Feb 2022
Biomedical Sciences graduate conducting experiments

Careers with a Biomedical Sciences degree

The skills you gain from a Biomedical Sciences degree are useful to many...

20 Dec 2021
Diagnostic radiographer Rupert talking about his role and experience working with the NHS

How to become a diagnostic radiographer

Working in radiography will put you at the cutting edge of medical technology and...

27 Jan 2022
An orthotist with the NHS helping a patient learn to rebalance on their foot.

How to become a prosthetist or orthotist

Prosthetists and orthotists are instrumental in helping those with mobility issues...

01 Feb 2022
Dietician in white coat holding a tablet and talking to a patient

How to become a dietician

Dieticians are healthcare professionals who help people with eating and nutrition. This...

20 Jan 2022
Criminology graduate using charts on phone and computer

Careers with a Criminology degree

A Criminology degree doesn’t limit you to a job in the criminal justice sector. See what...

20 Dec 2021
Two law graduates discussing with paper on a table

Careers with a Law degree

As well as becoming a barrister or solicitor, there are many career routes you can go...

20 Dec 2021
Sociology graduates working on a computer

Careers with a Sociology degree

Many careers you could pursue with a Sociology degree can help you make the world a...

19 Dec 2021

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