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Clearing success story: Liverpool Hope

Read about Grace's experience of getting a place through Clearing to study Media and Communication at the Liverpool Hope University.

Liverpool hope clearing success story

What degree did you originally apply for and where?

I originally applied to study Media and Communication, at a range of universities that did the course. These universities were: University of Surrey, University of Brighton, The University of Liverpool, The University of Kent and University of Chichester. I firmed with The University of Liverpool and had University of Surrey as my insurance. 

Why did you use Clearing?

I ended up entering clearing as I achieved B, C, D in my A Levels, and most of my choices wanted B, B, C or B, C, C.

Why did you choose Media and Communication at Liverpool Hope?

I knew I wanted to go to Liverpool, as I love the city. My main reason for choosing the course and university was their website and the friendliness of the staff member on the other end of the phone. They welcomed me with a friendly tone and was so kind to me through the acceptance process. This was a big positive for me, and made me so excited to start at what seemed to be, and is, a really friendly place to be. 

How was your university experience?

My time at university has been amazing. I have achieved so much, not just academically but also personally, as university definitely makes you become so much more independent! I cannot fault my course at all, we cover such a wide range of topics in both the film and media side of the course. The academics are so supportive and are there if you need any guidance.

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