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Making the final choice

Clearing success story: Sheffield Hallam

Read about Harry's experience of getting a place through Clearing to study Geography at Sheffield Hallam University.

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I didn't apply through UCAS originally, because I didn't think I'd get the grades to go to university. Then I spoke to my tutor at college who explained it was an option for me.

The process of applying was actually really easy. I spoke to someone in Clearing at Sheffield Hallam and almost straight away I was put through to the head of my course who gave me a phone interview and was then able to offer me a place.

I chose Sheffield Hallam because I was looking to stay relatively local and they offered the course I wanted to do. I’ve got siblings who go there and I know it to be a good university who look after their students.

I like living in Sheffield because it’s familiar to me and means I get to keep my job. I think everyone should go to university because it’s a different experience to going straight into an apprenticeship or full-time work. You get to continue learning and just have a more enjoyable experience along the way.

My advice would be to put any worries you’ve got aside and just explore it as an option because I had no clue that it was available to me and so many doors have been opened.

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