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Making the final choice

Clearing success story: Hertfordshire

Read about Charley's experience of getting a place through Clearing to study LLB Law at the University of Hertfordshire.

charley university of hertfordshire clearing student

What degree did you originally applied for and where?

I originally applied for the LLB Law at the University of Kent. 

Why did you use Clearing?

I entered Clearing because I unfortunately didn't get my grades to get into my first-choice university. I'd received a place from my second-choice university, but decided I no longer wanted to go to there. 

Why did you choose LLB Law at Hertfordshire?

I have always wanted to study Law, so I'd wanted to study the LLB, even though I didn't get into my first-choice university. I'd looked on the University of Hertfordshire’s website and the LLB course they offered really appealed to me. 

 Did you attend a Clearing open day? How was it?

I did attend a Clearing open day and I'm really pleased I went as the day was extremely helpful and very reassuring. I was originally worried and concerned about applying through Clearing, but the Clearing open day helped to alleviate those worries! All the staff and students were very friendly and welcoming.

Did you find accommodation easily?

In my first year I applied for accommodation on campus. I followed the process that was sent out to me by the university, which was easy to follow and I was lucky enough to receive my first-choice accommodation. It was very reassuring to know that all new students were guaranteed accommodation on campus. 

How was your university experience?

I've thoroughly enjoyed studying the LLB and have loved my time at the University of Hertfordshire. I've had some great opportunities and experiences and I've found the support network within the Law School to have been excellent.

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