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Calling UCAS Clearing hotlines

Calling a Clearing hotline can be daunting, but if you prepare properly and read our tips on what to expect, you can find your perfect Clearing course.

Student calling universities for Clearing

Calling a Clearing hotline 

Calling a university for Clearing may seem more scary than it is. Usually, it'll involve you confirming your grades and answering a few short questions. Some courses may ask for more in-depth answers, but even these can be answered well with a little preparation. 

It may feel like an informal interview, but essentially admission tutors are looking for you to demonstrate enthusiasm for the course and for the university. 

What to expect on the Clearing call

Making your Clearing call is an important part of finding the right place. You might worry that you won't come across well, or find something right, but with the right preparation and an idea of what to expect, these obstacles can be overcome. 

Paul is part of the Recruitment and Admissions teams at Staffordshire university and has some valuable insight into what the call is like. 

How to prepare for your Clearing call 

Have everything you need 

You'll need: 

  • Your UCAS ID and Clearing number
  • Your grades, with UCAS points if applicable
  • Pen and paper or phone so you can make notes
  • Your personal statement


Once you've found a course or university you're interested in, make sure you look into the modules, the city or campus and anything extra the university has to add. You can use these during the call to show you've thought about where you want to go and why.


Think about how to answer familiar questions: 

  • Why do you want to study here?
  • Why do you want to study this course?
  • Why have you changed subjects? (if applicable)
  • Have you done anything outside of school that shows your enthusiasm for this subject?

Practise your answers. Keep them brief and to the point, but make sure you mention anything that'll convince tutors you're serious about their course. 

You may also be asked questions about your personal statement. It's a good idea to re-read it or have it next to you during the call. 

For more information and advice, visit our Preparing for your university Clearing call 2021 page.


Write it down

It may help to note down what you're going to say so you don't stumble or sound unsure. Also, note down a list of numbers you want to call. You may be asked to call back at a certain time, or speak to a certain individual.

If you write it all down, you can look more professional and invested when calling someone by name or being punctual with the return phonecall. 

Where do I find Clearing hotline numbers?

You can find all the numbers for universities through our Clearing course chooser

Search by either subject or university and click on the green CALL NOW button to reveal the number.

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