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What’s UCAS Adjustment 2021?

Adjustment allows prospective students, who received higher grades than expected, to apply for a course with higher entry requirements.

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What’s Adjustment?

Some of you may find on results day that you've achieved better grades than you expected and have outperformed the conditions of your firm offer. Adjustment will then allow you the opportunity to apply for a different course or university, as long as you meet the entry requirements. This could mean the possibility of applying for a university or course that previously rejected you or required grades you weren't predicted to attain. 

Adjustment is available from A Level results day, 10th August 2021, until 18th August 2021. If you're eligible for Adjustment, your UCAS Track profile will display a ‘Register for Adjustment’ option.


  • If you change your mind and want to attend somewhere different, make sure your decisions are measured and rational
  • If you want to live away from home, make sure to check accommodation availability before making any agreements with a university or UCAS
  • Adjustment can be useful in larger cities where there are two or more universities in close proximity, and it’s easy to switch universities if accommodation isn't an issue
  • If you give Adjustment a go but don’t find anything, you'll still keep your original choice. 

How does Adjustment work?

Once you've registered for Adjustment and your conditional firm (CF) choice has changed to an unconditional firm (UF), you'll have five days to find a new course. If at the end of this five-day period you haven't found a new course, you'll still be able to accept your UF.


  • There's no vacancy list for Adjustment so you'll need to check course details and contact universities or colleges directly to ask about vacancies. You can still use our courses search to find and research unis and courses before you call
  • When talking to the institutions, remember to say you’re applying through Adjustment and that you're just gathering information
  • Don't verbally agree to an offer until you're absolutely sure you want to go there

Who can apply for Adjustment?

Any student, including BTEC students or those studying alternative qualifications, that exceeds the requirements of their conditional offer can apply for Adjustment. Once your firm choice becomes unconditional on results day you can register via your UCAS Track account. Of course it’s not compulsory, so you’re more than welcome to stick with your original choice if you’re happy with it. 


How do you accept an Adjustment offer?

If you decide to accept a verbal offer, the university will send you a confirmation letter and update your Track account, automatically removing your original offer.

What’s the difference between Clearing and Adjustment?

While both provide the opportunity to find an alternative university or course place, Clearing is for students who haven’t managed to meet the requirements for their conditional offer and Adjustment is for those who have met or outperformed them.

What happens to your original offer when going through Adjustment?

You'll only lose your conditional offer once you accept a verbal offer through Adjustment. So if you don’t find an alternative during the five-day Adjustment period, your original choice will still be there.

What if you change your mind about your Adjustment offer?

If you accept an offer through Adjustment, your original offer will automatically be declined. However, if you change your mind, you can reject your new offer. You will need to contact your original university as there’s no guarantee your place will still be available. 

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