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Waiting for offers

What is UCAS Extra?

Find how to use UCAS Extra and the differences between Extra and Clearing, as well as how to apply and make an additional course choice.

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What is UCAS Extra?

If you decline your offers, or you've used up all your choices and currently don't hold an offer, UCAS Extra allows you to add another choice at no extra cost to help gain a university place before the Clearing process starts. 

It’s a free service from UCAS and you'll automatically become eligible if all five of your choices have been used, but you hold no offers.  

UCAS will send you all the details you need to apply if you become eligible. The courses at each university willing to consider these applications will be available on the UCAS website.

UCAS Extra and Clearing

While UCAS Extra is not a major issue for most students, and only a fraction apply this way, it can be highly successful for those who want a second chance and who do not want to wait until Clearing starts in early July.

How do I apply via UCAS Extra?

You can either make your application via UCAS website or by contacting the university directly.

Personal statement

UCAS Extra doesn’t currently allow a new online personal statement or reference to be submitted through them.

However, if you're applying to a new course that's not related to the courses you've applied to previously, you can send a new, relevant, statement directly to the university once you've submitted it as your additional choice. 

It’s a good idea to let the university know a revised statement is on its way. Remember to include your UCAS application number so your new statement will be matched to the correct application. 

If you wish, you can ask your referee to update their reference too.

When does UCAS Extra start and end?

UCAS Extra operates from late February and is open until early July.

UCAS Extra offers

If you’re made an offer, either unconditional or conditional, you can firmly accept or decline it just like any other offer.

If you accept it, you become Unconditional Firm (UF) or Conditional Firm (CF) for that university. There's only one choice at any time in UCAS Extra, so an insurance choice is not an option. You’re committed to your choices in exactly the same way as the main UCAS scheme.

If you don't get an offer, or decide to decline your offer, you can opt to make another UCAS Extra choice, and so on, until the UCAS Extra closing date (early July).

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