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Choosing what to study

Choosing which course to study is an important decision. Find inspiration and advice for 74 subjects to help you make your perfect choice.

Student holding their degree at graduation


Types of degrees in the UK

Learn about the different types of degrees at undergraduate and postgraduate level that...

22 Jun 2022
Student with teacher looking at engineering plans


What is STEM?

STEM subjects are some of the most sought-after degrees from employers. Learn about STEM...

07 Dec 2021

Latest articles

PhD students typing on their laptop

What is a PhD?

Are you considering a PhD degree? We take a look at what a PhD is, how long it takes and...

13 Sep 2021
student watching video course, distance e-learning, studying with online teacher

Why study your chosen subject?

Each subject area offers a variety of reasons why it could be the perfect fit for you....

26 Oct 2021
Students in a university lecture hall

Choosing a university course

Choosing a course for uni is one of the most important decisions you'll make as a...

26 Aug 2021
Student raising hand in class

How to become a teacher: After qualifying

Find out about induction and your next steps as a newly qualified teacher (NQT).

18 Nov 2021
Smiling students accelerated degree graduation

What’s an accelerated degree?

Accelerated degrees let you fast-track your study and graduate in just two years. We've...

23 Aug 2021
Teacher teaching young students

How to become a teacher: Undergraduate routes

Learn about undergraduate teacher training in the UK, and how you can gain qualified...

18 Nov 2021
Early years teacher teaching kindergarten children

Early Years Initial Teacher Training (EYITT)

If you want to work with pre-school children, find out about early years teacher training...

21 Sep 2021
Students in an MBA class

What's an MBA?

Everything you need to know about the Master's of Business Administration, the world's...

02 Sep 2021
Young students sitting for exams with teacher invigilating

Choosing Scottish Highers and Advanced Highers

We show you how to approach and choose your Scottish Highers, Baccalaureate or Advanced...

23 Aug 2021
Trainer and apprentice in vocational training

A Level alternatives for university applications

While A Levels are valued, there are other qualifications like BTECs, Cambridge...

23 Aug 2021
Group of A Level students in a classroom

Choosing A Levels

Choosing your A Level subjects is a big decision. Read our advice on how to decide,...

03 Aug 2021
Girl in her apartment studying on her laptop

Study options

Discover ways of studying other than a traditional, full-time degree – whether you’re a...

01 Feb 2022

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