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Choosing what to study

Careers in the NHS

The NHS is the UK’s largest employer with over 350 careers covering every area of healthcare. Learn about the different types of NHS roles and find out what you'll need to study to qualify for one.

NHS roles for graduates

The NHS offers a variety of graduate-entry roles, covering everything from medicine and nursing to other professions allied to medicine and administration roles. There's a huge number of jobs available, with different specialisms and ways of working, in hundreds of organisations that fall under the NHS umbrella.

There are many lucrative careers within the NHS with defined paths, opportunities and specialisms. You can specialise in anything from mental health and psychiatry to physiotherapy and prosthetics.

In collaboration with the NHS we've outlined what you need to know to have a career in these particular roles:

Courses to study for NHS careers

Through our partnership with the NHS we've created guides for specific subject areas to show you which university courses would help you prepare for a career in healthcare – whether it's medical or non-medical. 

Explore the subject guides you're interested in to learn more about the different NHS careers :

Becoming a doctor or nurse isn't the only way to make an impact in healthcare. There are many other jobs available in the NHS that are just as important. Other subject areas that could lead to working in the NHS include:  

  2. NHS bursary

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