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Choosing what to study

Five reasons to study Biological Sciences

For those considering a degree in Biological Sciences but need further convincing, we lend our expertise. Here are five compelling reasons to study this subject area.

Two science students doing research in a lab

1. Flexibility

While specific degrees like forensics or biochemistry keep you in one particular discipline, Biological Sciences, in general, allows you to try a bit of everything. Some courses let you specialise in a particular area of interest, but that remains your choice.

2. Lab and fieldwork

The flexibility of Biological Studies means that, if you don’t want to, you never have to choose between lab and fieldwork. With Biological Sciences, one week might see you studying cells under a microscope for a course in genetics, and the next might have you grouping plants.

3. Feed your curiosity

Study Biological Sciences and it's impossible not to come face-to-face with whatever it is you’re learning about. As a student you’re able to explore what fascinates you in depth, every day. A degree course could be a step closer to understanding the living world and how it works.

4. Research

During a Biological Sciences degree, you’ll often be asked to conduct research of your own, where you can pursue a question of your creation. Not only is this incredibly interesting, but it’ll help you build the kind of skills that attract employers. This includes teamwork, communication, delegation, research and management.

5. Postgraduate options

There are many opportunities for postgraduate studies after completing a Biological Sciences degree. Plenty of students take MAs in subjects like biochemistry and environmental biology. The courses are driven by research and are flexible enough to let you find what you’re interested in, so specialising at postgraduate level is almost a natural step forward.

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