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Five reasons to study Biomedical Sciences

Why should you study Biomedical Sciences? Read our five reasons what a degree in this subject can do for you and whether its the right course.

Anatomy student pointing on human skeleton anatomical model

1. Chance to make a difference

Biomedical Sciences is the fundamental building block of medical practice. Without a deep understanding of the internal body, health professionals cannot truly evaluate, diagnose and treat illnesses. It’s an important subject that’s essential to improving the health of the world’s population.

2. Many study and career options

Medicine is a vast subject, and the body has countless different systems that make it up. The specialisation opportunities for Biomedical Sciences students are extensive. Choose from areas such as anatomy, physiology pharmacology, psychology, zoology and materials science. If you’re interested in the science of medicine, but do not necessarily want to be a doctor, this could be the degree for you.

3. Develop an impressive skillset

You’ll develop a substantial set of skills, including working in a laboratory, experiment planning, research and data interpretation. These are all impressive in the eyes of an employer, and many are also transferable if you choose to enter a different line of work.

4. Help others and yourself

Many career paths that stem from studying a Biomedical Sciences degree help to care for those who are unwell. The knowledge you gain from such a degree also promotes a personal healthy lifestyle, as well as helping friends and family with theirs.

5. Good graduate prospects

The graduate prospects for Biomedical Sciences students are impressive. A great majority of students make it into further education or professional employment within six months of graduating.

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