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Five reasons to study Building

If you're interested in a degree in Building, explore our reasons why it might be a good idea for you and discover how it can help with your future.

Construction student using equipment to survey

1. Work on something important

Our modern world is filled with infinite buildings of all different shapes, sizes and purposes. From schools to swimming pools, prisons to playgrounds, your degree could lead you to work in many interesting jobs and projects that improve the way we live.

2. Have exceptional employment prospects

Degrees in medical disciplines have the highest employment prospects, but outside of those subjects, Building is right up there with the very best. Professional employment is above average and shows that a degree in this subject area will increase your employability.

3. Expect a healthy starting salary

Building graduates usually have a good graduate starting salary, and the average numbers are increasing. So, if you’re applying to the subject now, you should have some assurances over the salary you expect to earn upon graduation.

4. Develop transferable skills

If you decide not to pursue a career in this field, you needn't worry; a Building degree will give you more than enough skills that are useful in other careers. Upon graduation, you should be able to count logical thinking, teamwork, communication, technical expertise, leadership and the ability to deal with complex technical details among your skillset.

5. Hone your skills on work placements

Many Building courses are professionally accredited, meaning you'll be readily qualified to work in the industry. As such, courses tend to contain multiple compulsory work placements. These give you the chance to increase your skills in a practical capacity.

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