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Five reasons to study Chemical Engineering

For those considering a degree in Chemical Engineering but need further convincing, we lend our expertise. Here are five compelling reasons to study this subject area.

Chemical engineering student with goggles using tweezers to look at graphene

1. Modern and applicable

Of all the scientific subjects on offer at UK universities today, few have more modern applications than Chemical Engineering. The study of nanotechnologies and bioengineering will put you in the know when it comes to areas of research that are seen as some of the most promising in the scientific community.

2. Great graduate prospects

Chemical Engineering is one of the most employable subjects in the world. The degree opens up opportunities to not only work in the lab but alternatively out in the field or in scientific management. Graduates can do anything from groundbreaking scientific research to working as a field engineer or having a senior management position. 

3. Multi-use degree

A degree in this subject area doesn’t limit you to a job as a chemical engineer. You can easily pursue a job in analytical chemistry or engineering in manufacturing or mining, as well as in managerial or production areas. Even those who choose not to accept jobs directly related to chemical engineering are highly employable due to their problem solving, analytical and management skills.

4. Hands-on experiences

Chemical Engineering degree courses often include year-long industry placements. You’ll have the opportunity to apply what you’ve learned at university in the workplace, where you’ll further develop your skills and build a professional network.

5. Internationally applicable

A degree in this subject area means you gain the skills and knowledge that can be applied in any country or culture around the world, so your future will not be limited to jobs near home.

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