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Choosing what to study

Five reasons to study Creative Writing

For those considering a degree in Creative Writing but need further convincing, we lend our expertise. Here are five compelling reasons to study this subject area.

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1. Storytelling is important

Understanding what makes a story work and how to get people to engage with it is a valuable skill. It helps people to see the world in a different way through persuasive, intelligent and emotionally aware arguments and stories. People care about stories, and they like the people who know how to tell them.

2. It’s truly creative

Creative Writing is a unique challenge, demanding you to make things from nothing as no other subject does. Though you’ll be channelling the skills you’ve been taught into a specific project, you’ll be making something entirely new; characters, creatures and entire living, breathing worlds.

3. Work with published authors

Like English and History students get to work with published, fully-fledged academics, Creative Writing students work with actual authors. For a writer, the chance to work with someone more experienced who’s used to the difficult creative process is rare and valuable.

4. Flexibility

The brilliant thing about Creative Writing is that it blends so well with other subjects. For example, taking it alongside an English course will expose you to a rich literary heritage that could influence your own style. Combining with media or film studies will allow you to explore the long-running screenwriting legacy. Creative Writing, as a subject, is invariably informed by other areas of study. You can pair it with pretty much anything.

5. Transferable skills

Pursuing Creative Writing at university will make you a master of language. You’ll be writing all the time; it’ll be your job. That’s great, because the world always needs writers, and not just for writing stories. In most sectors written work is involved, as people are needed to accurately convey information and make it engaging as they do so.

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