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Choosing what to study

Five reasons to study Criminology

For those considering a degree in Criminology but need further convincing, we lend our expertise. Here are five compelling reasons to study this subject area.

Blue and white police cordon ribbon in a London street

1. Help keep society safe

Study Criminology, and you can enter into a professional role that is of high value to society. You could be tackling crime, exploring why people break the law and improving systems in education, rehabilitation and crime prevention. If you want to play a big part in keeping people safe, this could be the degree course for you.

2. Fast-paced and exciting

Criminals and the crimes they commit are continuously changing – people are always looking for new ways to break the law. This means that your work could be dynamic and challenging, with many new research areas appearing regularly.

3. Tailor the course to your interests

Most courses offer total freedom of module selection within a range of criminology-related areas. They often cross over into other disciplines such as psychology, sociology, economics, history and mathematics. You’ll be able to choose modules that match your interests, whether they lie in law enforcement, research policy, crime prevention or corrections, for example.

4. Optional sandwich year

Your course may include a sandwich year, where you have the chance to undertake a work placement within a relevant organisation. This could be in the UK or abroad. Placements give you first-hand experience of the professional world where you’ll work on real-life projects. It will significantly enhance your graduate employment prospects.

Some universities also offer the opportunity to study abroad, where you get to live in another country and see how crime is analysed there.

5. Many career pathways

Criminology students have numerous different career options at their fingertips. Exciting roles include in immigration, education, law enforcement, people protection, community planning, advocacy, policing, consulting, public administration and international development.

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