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Choosing what to study

Five reasons to study Drama, Dance & Cinematics

For those considering a degree in Drama, Dance & Cinematics but need further convincing, we lend our expertise. Here are five compelling reasons to study this subject area.

Cinematics student on computer with equipment by green screen

1. Broad range of options

This area of study is not just acting, dancing and directing. The range of possible courses that come under Drama, Dance & Cinematics is vast and varied. You can study photography, visual and audio effects, animation, ballet, history of dance, choreography, theatre studies, wardrobe design, world theatre and even circus arts.

2. Work abroad

Drama, Dance & Cinematics is relevant all over the world. By gaining a degree in photography, for example, your opportunity for travel is limitless. If you get a degree in film production, you can film all over the world. If you're an actor, travel is part of the job. Degrees in this subject area offer an international job market post-graduation. Some even include a year of studying abroad as part of the course.

3. Joint Honours degrees

It’s perfect for mixing with another degree course, especially a humanities subject like History or English. Topics like film, photography, drama and theatre have a strong historical and literary context. Potential joint honours courses in the field include history and film studies, photography and film studies, theatre and English, dance and theatre, and acting and music, to name a few.

4. Real-life application

This degree may have more real-world applications than you think. For instance, cinematic skills like photography and film production can be deployed in real-life scenarios, not just in fiction. You could use your skills in a journalistic capacity by capturing real-life human experiences. Alternatively, you’ll find many opportunities in a commercial sense – almost every brand nowadays uses video or photography within their marketing.

5. Culturally important

Dramatic and performing arts is part of the average human experience. How would we feel if we didn't have films? How would we see the world without our photographers? There would simply be fewer things like dances, plays and films which bring joy to so many. We, therefore, need Drama, Dance & Cinematics students in order to carry on this rich tradition of performing arts in society.

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