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Five reasons to study Food Science

If you're interested in a degree in Food Science, see five of the best reasons how it can help with your career and what a Food Science degree can be used for.

Food scientist expecting chicken eggs for quality control

1. Diversity

There are loads of different professions you can enter into as a graduate – the food industry is one of the largest across the globe. You could find yourself working in marketing, teaching, safety, quality management, nutrition, sales, teaching and many other areas.

2. Study abroad

Get involved with this global industry, and the travel opportunities are endless. You can expect many courses to offer study abroad placements or even sandwich years in industry. This allows you to truly immerse yourself in the professional world of food, but potentially also to enjoy living in a completely new area.

3. Develop numerous skills

As a Food Science student, you’ll learn not only specific technical skills that you can apply directly to your work but also a multitude of transferable skills. From problem-solving to numerical skills, data analytical skills to IT knowledge, you can be assured you will not be limited in your abilities to pursue a career in the wider world after graduating.

4. Further study opportunities

Many companies have great graduate schemes in place for those with Food Science qualifications. But if you're not ready to leave education after your undergraduate degree, then there's plenty on offer for further study. You can specialise in areas such as dietetics, biomedical science or environmental management.

5. Graduate prospects and earning power

The food industry is immense. It's one that will always be necessary in a world where people eat. Graduate jobs shouldn’t be hard to find. If you secure a managerial role or work for a large and successful company, there is a strong potential of earning big money.

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