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Choosing what to study

Five reasons to study French

There are many reasons to study French, not just the careers that open up when you can speak another language. Explore five of the top reasons to consider French for your degree.

View of Paris with the Eiffel Tower and many other buildings under a cloudy blue sky

1. Develop your understanding of the language and culture

Study at university level and you'll deeply enhance your knowledge of French language and culture. You'll gain insight into many aspects of life in French and Francophone society, improve your comprehension of contemporary French idiom and develop your oral and written communication skills in terms of fluency and appropriate linguistic register.

2. French is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world

French is spoken all around the world by hundreds of millions of people. It’s even one of the six official UN languages. Owing to the former French empire, large parts of Africa speak the language, as does Canada, and several European nations. A degree in this area will help you to communicate in different contexts far and wide.

3. A second language is a huge bonus for your CV

As so much business is done on an international level, companies are always on the lookout for employees who can easily converse with overseas colleagues. A language degree will be a great advantage on your CV, especially in one as widely spoken within the international job market as French.

4. Plenty of joint honours degrees options

Many students choose to study a joint honours degree and combine French with another subject of interest. The numerous course combinations with French include biblical studies, film, international studies, theatre studies, criminology, geography and other foreign languages.

5. Chance to study abroad

Most language degrees include a period abroad as a compulsory element of the course, and French is no exception. Choose to study this subject at university and you'll almost certainly find yourself studying in France or another French-speaking nation for up to a year.

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