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Choosing what to study

Five reasons to study Geography & Environmental Science

For those considering a degree in Geography & Environmental Science but need further convincing, we lend our expertise. Here are five compelling reasons to study this subject area.

People walking on the Giants Causeway, on an area of hexagonal basalt stones, by green hills, blue skies and blue sea

1. Importance for humankind

Whether it’s the ability to grow crops, stock-pile water or pre-empt natural disasters, the study of our environment and the geography of the planet plays a vital role. By analysing the patterns of our Earth, we can predict potential hazards and help implement precautions to avoid disastrous outcomes.

2. Potential to study abroad

Many degree courses in Geography & Environmental Sciences offer the opportunity to study abroad. Time outside the UK can be invaluable, as it provides rich first-hand experiences of different places and cultures.

3. Broadly experiential

Geography & Environmental Science courses are often designed around experience-based learning. This involves practical work on a regular basis. It helps balance out the reading load expected of a university student, giving you a diverse learning experience.

4. In-demand skillset

As a subject, Geography & Environmental Science relies on good teamwork. You’ll develop data analysis skills through years of observing results, which will enhance your ability to identify, comment on and use sets of data effectively. These are all skills that are consistently in demand in the professional workplace.

5. Broad career choice

Geography & Environmental Science graduates enjoy free rein over their career paths. From teaching to tourism, military to marketing, this subject area helps develop skills of analysis, teamwork, computing and many more to give you a wide choice of career paths.

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