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Five reasons to study Marketing

Marketing has many real-life applications and a wide range of career options. Discover five of the best reasons to study this degree and how it can improve your future prospects.

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1. Marketeers are in demand

Marketing in many businesses is a vital component. It’s the method by which a service's quality and usefulness is transmitted to potential customers, and is therefore indispensable. A degree in Marketing, especially from a top university, will provide you with a skill set that will always be in demand.

2. Diverse career choice

It’s also a diverse field to work in. Your role as a marketing specialist can fall within several remits, whether it’s data-based research and analysis of consumer behaviour or the more interactive task of selling and promoting a service or product. This provides a career that can cater to your personal preferences.

Despite the stereotype of marketing belonging in the competitive world of big business, there are many other career paths. For example, charities need to be marketed just as much as, if not more than, businesses.

3. Combine courses

A degree in Marketing doesn't have to be solely based on just one area. The availability of joint honours allows you to develop your skills in the context of another subject. This could be a foreign language – which could be a real advantage for foreign business – or Psychology – to understand better why consumers act the way they do. Marketing is open-ended, and you can therefore tailor your degree and your career to what you are passionate about.

4. Year in industry

With many Marketing degrees, there is the potential for a year in industry, providing invaluable experience in real-life marketing roles and the opportunity to build your professional network. It also gives you time away from the lecture theatres, providing a welcome break from academia.

5. Potential earning power

The starting salary is by no means poor for Marketing graduates, but the potential future salary is far more impressive. If you choose a marketing profession, career growth could see you earning serious money later on in your career.

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