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Five reasons to study Nursing

For those considering a degree in Nursing but need further convincing, we lend our expertise. Here are five compelling reasons to study this subject area.

Parent with young child on lap with nurse during appointment

1. Chance to help others

Nursing is a noble profession, concerned primarily with the aiding of others. It also provides the potential for meeting countless new and interesting people every day. If you have an interest in genuinely improving someone's wellbeing, helping a sick person to be as comfortable as possible or even delivering a new life into the world, a Nursing course could be an obvious next step in your career.

2. Great graduate prospects

As with many medical degrees, Nursing boasts a very high graduate prospects average score. This means that most Nursing students enter into professional employment or continue their studies within six months of graduating.

3. Nurses can work anywhere

Become a registered nurse and your skills will be in demand throughout the country. Nurses are also needed all around the world – you may want to take your work abroad and with the right qualifications, you can.

4. Promotion opportunities

If you enter into a graduate role within the NHS you start out as a staff nurse. Later you can specialise in certain areas such as operating theatre work, or progress to a more senior rank such as a ward manager. The pay gets higher the more senior you become.

5. Applicable skills

Nursing will offer you training in complex medical care, some of which isn’t dependent on any equipment. By studying Nursing, your potential ability to save a life can be applied to everyday scenarios, making you an asset to your family and society as a whole.

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