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Five reasons to study Philosophy

Why should you study Philosophy? A fascinating and thought-provoking degree, there are many reasons. See five of them here to help you decide whether this is the right degree for you.

Old philosophy books by Aristotle, Plutarch, Virgil, Ptolemy etc

1. An intellectually stimulating subject

Philosophy tries to answer all of the most challenging questions in existence. Is free will an illusion? Can we truly know anything at all? Who am ‘I’?

During a degree course, you’ll seek a deep understanding of these fascinating topics, discuss big ideas with other curious minds and learn how to formulate meaningful arguments. 

2. Course combinations

This is a very flexible subject area that touches upon different disciplines. There are many dual Honours degree options for you to pick from, including combining Philosophy with computer science, history, economics, international relations, physics, politics, mathematics, modern languages or theological studies.

3. Study year abroad opportunities

More and more universities nowadays offer Philosophy students the chance to spend a year abroad as part of the degree. This is usually with a partner university overseas, where you get to live and study in a new environment and discover how philosophy is approached there. You may get to learn and practice a second language too.

4. Multiple transferable skills

The skills that Philosophy teaches you will always be in high demand as you learn to think, write and challenge with intelligence. Along with problem-solving and communication skills, these are desirable in employers’ eyes across a wide variety of industries and sectors.

5. Many career pathways

Philosophy is a flexible degree choice. There's no single pathway for graduates; you can enter into law, finance, business, medicine, journalism, education, academia and many other areas.

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