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Five reasons to study Sociology

For those considering a degree in Sociology but need further convincing, we lend our expertise. Here are five compelling reasons to study this subject area.

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1. Better understanding of humankind

Sociology allows you to gain a greater understanding of the complex and simple nature of humans and their societies. By studying societal behaviour, you’ll be able to make comparisons, attempt to solve issues and have a rational perception of some of society's more frustrating habits.

2. High levels of student satisfaction

A degree in Sociology is generally seen as rewarding and stimulating by students. Check out our subject league table for Sociology and you’ll see that student satisfaction scores are notably high among students in UK universities. 

3. Broad skillset

The skills developed during a Sociology degree are applicable to many areas of work. Improved critical faculties allow you to make rational and measured decisions in the interest of fairness, whereas synthesis of both group and independent projects provide you with skills of teamwork, self-dependence and autonomy.

4. Understand and cope with changes in society

Society as a whole is in a constant state of flux. Studying for a degree in Sociology will help you not only understand what is going on, but it will also assist you in adapting or coping with societal change.

5. Potential for joint honours

Study Sociology and you could combine it with another course. Examples of combinations include Sociology with Mathematics, Music or a modern language. Variety to your degree can help make your university experience that much more vibrant, and Sociology complements this very well.

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