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Choosing what to study

Four reasons to study Italian

For those considering a degree in Italian but need further convincing, we lend our expertise. Here are four compelling reasons to study this subject area.

Crowds in front of St Mark's Basilica in Venice in the daytime

1. A second language makes you more desirable to employers

The graduate job market is competitive, and an ability to speak a second language will make you significantly more attractive to prospective employers. Having proficiency in Italian will make your CV stand out to companies in the UK and further afield, and not just in Italy.

2. You'll pick up a wide range of transferable skills

As fascinating and useful as studying Italian can be, you may still graduate and decide you don't wish to pursue a career directly related to your degree. Fortunately, studying the subject won't just teach you about the Italian language and culture. Research, presentation, an understanding of different cultures and communication are just a selection of the skills you'll be able to confidently list on your CV. These will come in handy in a number of different professions and sectors.

3. Italy is one of the world's major economic powers

According to most measurements of national GDP, Italy's economy is comfortably among the ten largest in the world. An impressive range of prestigious companies that have a base in Italy, and an Italian degree could be your ticket to employment in the country. Companies include Deutsche Bank, Dolce & Gabbana, Fiat, Ubisoft, UniCredit and the Walt Disney Company.

4. You'll have the opportunity to study abroad

As with most courses that focus on a foreign language or culture, you usually have the opportunity to spend a period of your course studying abroad. You’ll likely spend time in an Italian speaking country, where you can build your language proficiency by spending time closely immersed in the language and culture.

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