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Four reasons to study Land & Property Management

For those considering a degree in Land & Property Management but need further convincing, we lend our expertise. Here are four compelling reasons to study this subject area.

Engineer and man builder at construction site

1. Work placement opportunities

Most Land & Property Management courses include work placements as either an optional or mandatory module. This will give you first-hand knowledge of what the workplace is like, and you can also start to build your professional network. You'll enter working life with real experience as well as a degree.

2. Chance to spend time overseas

Many work placements offered in Land & Property Management degrees are based abroad, giving you an opportunity to experience how the industry operates overseas. In an increasingly globalised and developed world, employees in areas such as Land & Property Management are often encouraged to spend time working in another country, so already doing this during your degree will be a real bonus.

3. Make a difference to the world around you

Most people would love to have a job that changes the world for the better, and by studying this subject, that could be you in your career. Land & Property Management degrees offer an opportunity to shape the world, ensuring that the constant development and redevelopment of land does as little as possible to detract from the Earth’s natural beauty.

4. Transferable skills

If you enrol on a Land & Property Management degree and realise you don't want to work in the industry, you'll still have a wealth of transferable skills that are applicable to a number of other professions. You’ll become proficient in time management, managing and analysing data, applying theory to practice and the use of IT – all of which are desirable qualities in almost any industry.

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