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Choosing what to study

Four reasons to study Medical Technology & Bioengineering

For those considering a degree in Medical Technology & Bioengineering but need further convincing, we lend our expertise. Here are four compelling reasons to study this subject area.

Patient about to enter an MRI machine in a pink-lit room

1. Help save lives

Doctors and nurses may be on the front line of administering treatment, but these services would be far more time-consuming and far less effective without medical technologists.

Medical Technology & Bioengineering graduates work to improve the quality of healthcare, such as by increasing the accuracy of diagnosis or decreasing the time taken to treat an illness. Study this subject area, and you’ll play a part in improving people’s lives.

2. Graduate prospects

Medical Technology & Bioengineering students have excellent graduate employability levels, with the majority of graduates in full-time professional employment within six months of leaving university. Not many degrees can assure such secure job prospects.

3. Work experiences

Medical Technology & Bioengineering degree courses include plenty of work placements and experiential opportunities. These allow you to hone your skills in a practical environment and give you a taste of the working world.

4. Transferable skills

During your studies, you’ll develop an impressive set of skills that can be applied to many other careers and sectors.

Knowledge of technical processes, the ability to use complex instruments and a high level of scientific aptitude are just a few of the many skills you’ll gain.

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