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Choosing what to study

Six reasons to study Agriculture & Forestry

For those considering a degree in Agriculture & Forestry, but need further convincing, we lend our expertise. Here are six compelling reasons to study this subject area.

A male modern farmer in the Melon-Shed

1. Help the world’s population

The Agriculture & Forestry industry and its success is vital for the well-being of the people of the world – specifically those in poverty-stricken areas. If your dream is to help alleviate world hunger, then a degree in this sector is a great start. It's also an excellent platform to help create work opportunities for the rural poor in less economically developed countries.

2. Help the environment

Without the people who work in Agriculture & Forestry, preventing the environment from falling out of shape would be a struggle. Individuals who work in conservation and sustainability are essential. 

3. Combine several different academic areas

Whether you're interested in the scientific side, or the active and practical, there's something to suit many different types of learners. The Agriculture & Forestry industries need it all, from logical statistics interpreters, to people physically planting crops or taking measurements in the field.

4. Postgraduate opportunities are fruitful

The amount of specialisations postgraduates can choose during study is substantial. From coastal change to natural resource economics, the list is diverse and fascinating.

5. Jobs are abundantly available

The range of different professions required for the positive development of Agriculture & Forestry around the globe is vast and dynamic. A career can go down a multitude of different routes, from business management, farming journalism, data analysing, agricultural sales and marketing, environmental conservation, public recreation, social research and many, many more.

6. Chance to work in a wide range of environments

Whether you work on the other side of the world or stay in the UK, a job within the Agriculture & Forestry sector allows your office to be indoors, outdoors, or a mixture of both. Practical work to working with data on a computer; the options are endless.

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