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Choosing what to study

Six reasons to study Classics

For those considering a degree in Classics but need further convincing, we lend our expertise. Here are six compelling reasons to study this subject area.

Dawn over ancient historic Colosseum

1. Relevant content

The ancient worlds of Greece and Rome set into motion many societal values that still exist in today’s social climate. This includes effective sewage systems, straight roads and even democracy. Studying Classics helps you better understand the present by exploring the past.

2. Broad and global

Many of the universities that teach Classics offer more than just the study of Greece and Rome. Everything from the Near East, India, Ancient America and Egypt are available as module units, which helps to provide a more comprehensive view of the ancient world.

3. Independent study and research

As a course that typically has few contact hours, Classics enables and encourages students to go their own way in their research. By reading several different views on a particular area of historical debate, you can form your own developed theory, thus improving your critical abilities and quality of work.

4. Fundamentally interesting stories and facts

Classics is a complex and interesting area of study. The nuances of the literature, the evolution of the writing, the commonplace use of slavery, the secret cults in Ancient Rome; it’s hard to find anything in this subject area that provides no intellectual stimulation.

5. Combined courses

Like many degrees, Classics provides the option of combined courses. Whether it’s with English, modern history or different languages, you’ll find bespoke courses that cover two seemingly different areas of study, providing freedom and variety in your degree.

6. Open career opportunities

As with other humanity subjects, Classics doesn't confine you to a narrow path of careers. Skills of analysis, writing and prioritising evidence are incredibly useful in so many areas. There’s nothing to stop a successful graduate from going into a career in journalism, curating, law or advertising, among many others.

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