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Choosing what to study

Six reasons to study Film Making

For those considering a degree in Film Making but need further convincing, we lend our expertise. Here are six compelling reasons to study this subject area.

Work of a film crew on a city street at nighttime with bright lights

1. See your ideas come to life

For many subjects, the closest you’ll get to manifesting your ideas will be via an essay. Nothing quite compares to producing something that everyone can appreciate. Unlike an essay, the expression of thought and concepts in Film Making is not restricted by language.  With countless filters, camera angles, colours and more at your disposal, you’ll never be short of ways to protect your vision.

2. Exciting career opportunities

Few industries can match the fun and excitement associated with film and television. It’s not guaranteed, but studying Film Making could lead to a job in a one-of-a-kind industry and the exhilarating possibilities that come with it.

3. Explore alternative cinema

Film Making is not just about blockbusters; as a student, you'll be expected to produce films that use lesser-seen techniques to explore alternative themes. If you're unfamiliar with the world of alternative cinema and wouldn't know where to start when making your own, then what better way to learn than watching a series of films yourself?

4. The world will always need entertaining

From Roman amphitheatres to Shakespearean classics, the world has always had a passion for the performing arts, and Film Making is just the latest incarnation. By earning a degree in this subject, you'll be setting yourself up for a career that will never go out of date.

5. Transferable skills

During a Film Making degree, you’ll develop an impressive set of skills. This will be useful if you decide to go down a different route after graduating. You'll learn how to develop a creative idea and see it through to the end, gain project management skills, have experience with sophisticated technology, and acquire the ability to analyse your own work. All valuable traits in any profession. 

6. Work placements and professional contacts

In an industry as hands-on and competitive as Film Making, experience and contacts are both very important. A degree in this area makes acquiring them so much easier, with work placements often a mandatory part of the course and many of your lecturers and tutors either having industry experience in Film Making or knowing people who do.

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