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Choosing what to study

Six reasons to study Theology & Religious Studies

For those considering a degree in Theology & Religious Studies but need further convincing, we lend our expertise. Here are six compelling reasons to study this subject area.

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1. Deepen your understanding of society

Religion has been deep-rooted within humankind for as long as historical written accounts can tell us. It has had a huge impact on all cultures across the globe, and by learning the depths of the subject, you can broaden your knowledge of the world and how people work.

2. It’s a relevant area

Theology & Religious Studies is far from being outdated; it’s still very pertinent and important. Nearly every day there is something related to religion on the news, and there is a great demand in certain fields for those sufficiently educated in this area.

3. Combine with other disciplines

Because it’s partly a study of culture and how humans live, Theology & Religious Studies fuses together many different disciplines. This means universities offer course combinations with other areas such as philosophy, art, literature, history, psychology or politics.

4. It encourages reflection and debate

In Theology & Religious Studies you’re required to take the time to really think deeply about topics within the subject area. There’s a lot of room for scepticism and scientific questioning, so if you like to philosophise over theories or ponder about the future, this could be a suitable degree for you.

5. Option to study abroad

Theology & Religious Studies encompasses global religion, so many universities offer the opportunity to study abroad. Through overseas study, you get to immerse yourself in a different culture and gain an even broader understanding of your studies.

6. Many job opportunities

Graduates of Theology & Religious Studies have plenty of career options including teaching, law, social work, and even medicine. You’ll also gain a variety of skills that can be applied to many different professions and sectors. Skills include critical thinking, research, interpretation, presentation and communication.

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