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Choosing which course to study is an important decision. Find inspiration and advice for 74 subjects to help you make your perfect choice.

Student holding their degree at graduation


Types of degrees in the UK

Learn about the different types of degrees at undergraduate and postgraduate level that...

22 Jun 2022
Student with teacher looking at engineering plans


What is STEM?

STEM subjects are some of the most sought-after degrees from employers. Learn about STEM...

07 Dec 2021

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Dambisa Moyo

Top ten most influential economists

The economy has a huge impact on the quality of our lives. Here’s a timeline of some of...

21 Jul 2021
College students having discussion under tree on campus

Top ten most popular courses for international students

What do international students study at universities in the UK? We count down the ten...

07 Jun 2021
Detective Tools On The Wood Table Background. Deerstalker Cap, Magnifier, Key, Cup, Notebook, Smoking Pipe

Top ten real life detectives

Here are ten detectives who cracked impossible cases and made the world a safer place –...

10 Mar 2020
Elon Musk

Top ten greatest engineers

Looking to study engineering? Be inspired by these engineers from all walks of life who...

10 Mar 2020
Marie Curie

Top ten greatest chemists

Chemistry helps us understand the make-up of the universe. To celebrate it, here’s a...

20 Oct 2020
Times Square tribute to president elect Joe Biden

Top ten celebrities with a History degree

Study History and you’ll tackle some of the most interesting – and sometimes...

24 May 2021
Two people shaking hands over business

Top ten postgraduate subjects for starting salaries

Postgraduate courses come at an extra cost, and you’ll naturally consider starting...

21 May 2021
Two people businessmen shaking hands

Top ten postgraduate subjects for employability

Students generally study postgraduate courses for one key reason: to boost their career...

20 May 2021

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