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Choosing what to study

Choosing which course to study is an important decision. Find inspiration and advice for 74 subjects to help you make your perfect choice.

Student holding their degree at graduation


Types of degrees in the UK

Learn about the different types of degrees at undergraduate and postgraduate level that...

22 Jun 2022
Student with teacher looking at engineering plans


What is STEM?

STEM subjects are some of the most sought-after degrees from employers. Learn about STEM...

07 Dec 2021

Latest articles

Group of A Level students in a classroom

Choosing A Levels

Choosing your A Level subjects is a big decision. Read our advice on how to decide,...

03 Aug 2021
Student with laptop researching higher education

What’s an Access to Higher Education Diploma?

Don’t have the qualifications needed for entry to higher education? Consider an Access to...

23 Aug 2021
Young science students listening to teacher

Postgraduate teacher training

Get teacher training through a university or from a school as a postgraduate student.

18 Nov 2021
Student on laptop doing distance learning

What's distance learning?

Distance learning lets you study remotely without regular face-to-face contact with a...

23 Aug 2021
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Join our community and make a difference

Are you a student in years 11-13? Join our Student Advisory Board and help us improve our...

21 Apr 2022
Stethoscope and medical books on a shelf

What to do if you don’t get into medical school

Getting into medical school is very competitive. See what options there are if you didn't...

30 Mar 2022
Medical education stethoscope on a stack of medical text books

Alternatives to Medicine and Surgery courses at university

A related degree may not be what you have in mind but it can open doors and potentially...

30 Mar 2022
Different NHS staff talking about their role and experience

Careers in the NHS

The NHS is the UK’s largest employer with over 350 careers covering every area of...

14 Feb 2022
Blonde woman getting an eye examination with a small light tool

Five reasons to study Optometry, Ophthalmics & Orthoptics

There are many reasons to study Optometry, Ophthalmics & Orthoptics. Explore five of the...

23 Jan 2022
Child picking up chickpeas from a tub in hands

Five reasons to study Occupational Therapy

For those considering a degree in Occupational Therapy, but need further convincing, we...

28 Jan 2021
A parked Saint John ambulance bicycle

Five reasons to study Paramedic Science

Paramedic Science is a popular and rewarding degree, but why should you study it and how...

23 Jan 2022
Aircraft Maintenance Mechanic Inspecting and Working on Airplane Jet Engine

Five reasons to study Aeronautical & Aerospace Engineering

Why should you study Aeronautical & Aerospace Engineering? See five reasons why you...

03 Nov 2021

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