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Choosing which course to study is an important decision. Find inspiration and advice for 74 subjects to help you make your perfect choice.

Student holding their degree at graduation


Types of degrees in the UK

Learn about the different types of degrees at undergraduate and postgraduate level that...

22 Jun 2022
Student with teacher looking at engineering plans


What is STEM?

STEM subjects are some of the most sought-after degrees from employers. Learn about STEM...

07 Dec 2021

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Parent with young child on lap with nurse during appointment

Five reasons to study Nursing

If you're interested in a degree in Nursing, discover five reasons why it’s such a...

23 Jan 2022
Physiotherapist assisting disabled man walk with parallel bars in sports centre

Five reasons to study Physiotherapy

Why should you study Physiotherapy? Here’s five reasons why this valuable subject is a...

09 Nov 2021
Person sat in a wheelchair working on computer desktop

Five reasons to study Social Work

Social Work is an interesting and gratifying degree, but why should you study it and how...

09 Nov 2021
Bird's eye view of people in crowds on concrete ground

Five reasons to study Sociology

If you're interested in studying the popular degree of Sociology, discover five reasons...

09 Nov 2021
People around a table looking at a design drawing, with a laptop nearby

Five reasons to study Town & Country Planning and Landscape Design

Town & Country Planning and Landscape Design has many real-life applications and career...

10 Nov 2021
Adult teacher huddled with a few children from a football team wearing red jerseys

Five reasons to study Youth Work

There are many reasons to study Youth Work. A varied and valuable career, this degree can...

10 Nov 2021
Nurse fitting and elderly person with a hearing aid

Five reasons to study Speech & Language Therapy

Speech & Language Therapy is a fascinating and fulfilling degree, but why study it and...

09 Nov 2021
Periodic table underneath a test tube and jars with blue and red liquids

Five reasons to study Chemistry

If you're interested in a degree in Chemistry, discover five of the best reasons to see...

03 Nov 2021
Nighttime on the Qinhuai River with boats and colourful lights

Five reasons to study Chinese

There are many reasons you to be interested in a Chinese degree. Discover five of the top...

04 Nov 2021
Blue and white police cordon ribbon in a London street

Five reasons to study Criminology

There are many motivating reasons to study Criminology. Explore five of the best reasons...

04 Nov 2021
Several students working on laptops and with textiles

Five reasons to study Fashion

Fashion has many real-life applications and varied career options. Discover five of the...

05 Nov 2021
Traditional historic facade in Porto decorated with blue tiles

Five reasons to study Iberian Languages: Spanish and Portuguese

Why should you study Iberian Languages? Spanish and Portuguese are both widely used...

05 Nov 2021

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