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What's a university open day?

University open days are an opportunity to gather more information about an institution, experience the campus, and meet current students and staff.

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CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: With some campus visits currently on hold, see our tips and advice for attending virtual open days.



  1. What are university open days all about?

  2. What’s there to do at an open day?

  3. When do universities have open days?

  4. Do parents go to university open days?
  5. Are there postgraduate open days?

What are university open days all about?

Open days are organised by universities to give you the chance to visit and experience the university firsthand. They help you to make decisions on what and where you'd like to study and can usually tell you more about a uni than a prospectus.

Universities run open days throughout the year and can occur any day of the week, even on weekends. While some universities will hold their open days on campus this year, many are still planning to have theirs virtually.

What’s there to do at an open day?

You have the opportunity to see what the campus and local area is like. You can also talk to staff and current students to discover what university life is like. Open days also give parents and guardians the chance to visit universities so they can help students make the right decisions.

You can attend talks and presentations about the university, departments, courses, student finance and more. Many universities host workshops and taster sessions so you can have an idea of what the course will be like. There’ll also be tours around the campus, whether the open day is in person or virtual, which often include visits to available student accommodation.

  2. How to plan for a university open day
  3. Why you should go to a university open day

When do universities have open days?

Dates for university open days will vary from uni to uni. Open days and virtual events can take place throughout the whole year, but most are held between June and October. You can find any upcoming university open days or virtual events on our website, or visit the university's website.

  2. Book an open day or virtual event

Do parents go to university open days?

Usually students will bring either a parent, both parents or a guardian to an open day. Having someone accompany you is very worthwhile, as they may notice things about the campus or course that you don't. They can also take down notes in any talks or seminars you attend, picking up any key information you may miss.

  2. Parents and university open days

Are there postgraduate open days?

Many universities run dedicated open days for postgraduate applicants, giving you a great opportunity to inspect the campus and facilities. You’ll also get the chance to ask any specific questions you have about the university's research credentials, tutors and course leaders, funding options, or the type of course you’re interested in studying.

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