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Guide to studying Business & Management Studies

A Business & Management Studies degree will equip you with a wide range of employable skills that would be valuable to any career.

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  1. What's Business & Management Studies?

  2. Why study Business & Management Studies?

  3. What jobs can you get as a Business & Management Studies graduate?

  4. What do graduates do and earn?
  5. What qualifications do you need?

  6. What degrees can you study?

  7. How will you be assessed?

  8. What are the postgraduate opportunities?

What's Business & Management Studies?

A Business & Management Studies degree is concerned with the way a company or organisation operates and functions. This can include the financial, administrative and marketing aspects of the business.

Similar courses for Business & Management Studies include: 

  • Business Studies
  • Human Resource Management
  • Management Studies

Why study Business & Management Studies?

Studying for a degree in Business & Management Studies gives you great employability, reflected in the graduate prospects scores shown on our subject league table. 

Read our six reasons to study Business & Management Studies for more information on why you might choose to study this subject area.

To be honest, before applying for university, I did not know what I wanted to do. However, having been exposed to the commercial world of Hong Kong following a number of internships, I developed a keen interest in entrepreneurship and meeting people from all walks of life.
I opted for Business Management in the UK as a means to equip myself with the skills and tools required to run a successful business, whilst developing my global network simultaneously.
Colinette, London School of Economics and Political Science

Students College University Education attending lecture

What jobs can you get as a Business & Management Studies graduate?

Business & Management Studies graduates earn above the average graduate starting salary. Typical career paths include management consultancy, human resource management, marketing and insurance. These are competitive areas, so hard work is required to ensure a high return.

What do graduates do and earn?

In the infographic below, the first table shows what graduates of Business & Management Studies have gone on to do in the months after their graduation.

The second table shows the average salaries of undergraduate Business & Management Studies students entering employment. The three skill levels – high, medium and low – reflect the UK's Standard Occupational Classification's major groups 1–3, 4–6 and 7–9 respectively.

Source: HESA Graduate Outcomes Survey 2017/18

What qualifications do you need? 

There are usually no essential A Level subjects (or equivalent) for Business & Management courses, but some may ask for GCSE grade A/B in Mathematics.

Entry requirements vary between institutions; always check with the university and course you're interested in.

What degrees can you study?

  • BA/BSc Business Studies
  • BA/BSc Management Studies
  • BA/BSc Business & Management Studies

The subject area is almost always studied in tandem with another subject. Accounting & Management, Accounting & Business, Business & Languages and Disaster Management are just a small sample of how broad this discipline can be.

How will you be assessed?

At most institutions, assessment is via a mixture of exams, coursework, presentations, group and solo work, essays and seminar performances. Exams are usually held in January and May or June, at the end of each teaching block.

Many institutions will also encourage you to undertake work experience at some point during your degree.

What are the postgraduate opportunities?

There's a range of master's and taught postgraduate courses in this area, which will increase your employability as you develop previously learned skills to an even higher standard. One of the most popular qualifications is the Master of Business Administration (MBA), offered from several institutions across the UK.

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