Why Study Here?

  • Teesside University attracts students from more than 100 countries. 
  • It offers good value for high academic standards, internationally recognised British qualifications and a great student experience. 

What Do International Students Study?

English Language Requirements

  • To study at a British university, you need a high level of English to write academic essays and reports, listen to lectures and take notes, summarise academic texts, give academic presentations and take part in discussions and seminars.
  • If your English language skills are not at the required level, Teesside University offers a range of courses for you before you start your academic programme. They will help build your confidence using English in the classroom and in your social life. They will also help you to get to know the University and local area, adapt to life in the UK and make friends before you start your programme.
  • Most students applying for a visa to study in the UK will need to take a Secure English Language Test. This is because your chosen university needs evidence of your ability in English before they can provide you with a CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies) to support your visa application.


  • At present, the only the only Secure English Language test approved for UK immigration applications is IELTS, taken at an approved centre.
  • TOEFL, Pearson PTE (Academic), Cambridge English scale and Trinity Integrated Skills in English TOEFL, Pearson PTE (Academic), Cambridge English scale and Trinity Integrated Skills in English taken overseas are no longer on the UK Visas and Immigration approved secure English language tests list.
  • Teesside University accepts these tests for admission to programmes at degree level and above in conjunction with a video interview on Skype or equivalent. Trinity Integrated Skills in English tests, taken in the UK at UKVI approved centres, continue to be accepted for visa purposes for study at all levels.
  • For some international student applications, Teesside University is able to consider other English test scores with supporting evidence of your ability in English. Please note that certificates from private language schools will not be accepted.

Fees and Funding

The following are the typical annual course fees for overseas students submitted to us by the university (Reddin Survey of University Tuition Fees 2016–2017):

Type of Course Undergraduate Taught Postgraduate
Classroom £10,750 £10,950
Mixed £10,750 £10,950
Laboratory £10,750 £10,950
Clinical £10,750 £10,950

Bursaries and Scholarships

  • Teesside University offers generous funding options – its international scholarship is worth up to £1,500 a year if you are an individual full fee-paying student. 
  • If you pay fees in full when or before you enrol you’ll get a 5% early payment discount (5% of the net course fee).

Pre-Arrival and Welcome

  • Teesside University offers a free airport pick up service for all international students arriving at local airports. Students are taken to their new accommodation.
  • Teesside University has a virtual and live English language café, run by international and home students to help international students with language. It's great for orientation and you can discuss any issues you might have about living abroad there. Students can contact the café before arriving at Teesside University to connect with fellow students.
  • All international students are welcome to contact the university's international student advisers before joining the university and at any point during study – advisers can provide immigration advice.
  • During Welcome Week students are introduced to the university and its facilities, and the region.
  • Other organised activities during the week help overseas students settle into the UK and university life.

Accommodation for International Students

  • International students are guaranteed accommodation if they apply by 1 September. For on-campus accommodation, international students must apply by 1 April.
  • Students may stay in their accommodation during the Christmas and Easter holidays.
  • Visit our website for more details on accommodation.