Information on Entry Requirements

Entry requirements for universities vary with each institution. It is essential you understand the qualifications needed for the course you wish to pursue. Read on for details of what is required to get into the university of your choice.

Entry Requirements

In general, universities are in agreement over:

Some universities have a General Entrance or ‘matriculation’ requirement.

This could be a basic set of qualifications that is necessary of all students, for instance:

Most students will meet the requirements, but it is worth checking to be sure. Many universities will have some caveats that enable them to admit good students if they don’t meet the General Entrance requirements.

Each course will have its own entry requirements, often specifying both the subjects you must already have studied, as well as the grades you will need to have acheived. 

Our individual university profiles state basic entry requirements, but you should always check the specific entry requirements for the course you are interested in.

Use our Course Chooser to view entry requirements for each course. Detailed information can also be found on the course pages of university websites, or on the UCAS website.

Tips and suggestions

Mature students

Older students or those with a non-traditional educational background are generally treated more flexibly by universities.

Entry standards are essentially market-related – above all universities are trying to find reasons to make you an offer, not reject you.

Popular courses at popular universities can afford to be more picky about who they admit, and so have high entry standards; this does not necessarily mean that their courses are tougher, but rather that their students will be very able.

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