UCAS Extra

If you are unlucky enough not to receive any offers from any of your choices, or you have a change of heart and decide to decline any offers you do have, UCAS Extra comes into play.

  • UCAS Extra operates from late February and is open until early July.
  • It, in effect, allows you to make a sixth choice of university.
  • If you become eligible for UCAS Extra, UCAS will send you all the details you need, and courses at universities willing to consider UCAS Extra applications will be available on the UCAS website.
  • You can then either use the UCAS website to make an application or contact a university directly.
  • If you are made an offer, either unconditional or conditional, you can firmly accept or decline it just like any offer in the main UCAS scheme.
  • If you don't get an offer (or decide to decline your offer), you can opt to make another UCAS Extra choice and so on, until either you get an offer or you run out of time (the scheme ends in early July).

Once you have an offer and accept it, you become Unconditional Firm (UF) or Conditional Firm (CF) for that university.

  • There is only one choice at any time in UCAS Extra so there is no question of an insurance choice.
  • You are committed to it in exactly the same way as the main UCAS scheme.

UCAS Extra currently does not allow you to prepare a new on-line personal statement or reference – this can be a real drawback if you originally applied for a medical degree and now wish to make an Extra application for a radically different course.

  • Prior to submitting the Extra application, you should prepare a new personal statement relevant for the course you wish to apply for, and also ask your referee to update their reference (they will have at least another two or three months of information on your progress to add to their original comments).
  • This should then be emailed to the university once you have submitted your Extra application.
  • Remember to include your UCAS application number so that your revised personal statement will be matched to the correct application.

While UCAS Extra is not a major issue for most students and only a tiny fraction of students apply through Extra, it can be highly successful for some students who want a second chance and who do not want to wait until Clearing starts in July.