Choosing a University

Which university should you go to? There are over 150 institutions in the UK offering different experiences, courses and extra-curricular opportunities.

Your task is to find the university, or universities, to apply to via UCAS. This is achieved by establishing which universities meet your preferences in relating to factors such as course provision, teaching style, location, type of university and extra-curricular opportunities.

By asking yourself the following questions, you will arrive at the shortlist of universities you would be happy to study at.

  1. Which universities offer the subject area or specific course you are interested in?
    Do not go to a university if it doesn’t offer what you want.

  2. Where do you want to study?
    Think about proximity to home and if you want to be in a urban or rural area.

  3. What type of university do you want to go to?
    Think about the size of the university, its reputation and if you want to go somewhere with a greater emphasis on research or teaching.

  4. What other opportunities and facilities do you want or need at your future university?
    There will be societies and sports clubs you can’t go without and you may need specialist support.

Each time you answer one of these questions you will be able to shorten your list. Use the resources below to help you make your final choices. 

University Research Resources

Read on for details on making this important decision.