University Location

University is an opportunity to experience living in a new place so being in the right location is vital to enjoying your time at university.

Look at the universities which offer the subject or course you want to study. Now think carefully about where you want to study and cross off any universities which aren’t in the right location for you.

What constitutes the ‘right location’ will vary depending on your preferences. Consider the following questions to find out what it means to you:

1. Are you wanting to and able to leave home to go to university? or do you have to go somewhere you can commute to from home?
You might be limited as to where you can go by either personal preference or circumstance. Your experience will be different to those who are able to leave home, but it does not mean you can’t immerse yourself in university life.

2. If you can leave home, how far away from home do you want to be?
You might want to leave home but still be able to see family and friends at home easily and quickly. Alternatively, you might crave the independence and fresh start which comes with moving far away without the possibility of regular visits home. 
Remember as well, you don’t have to limit your research to UK universities. Studying overseas will offer different experiences to staying in the UK.

3. What do you want your university surroundings to be? 
Universities are located in a variety of environments, from cities and towns, to suburbs and countryside, each of which will offer a different experience.
A more rural setting will be quieter and safer which could be better for concentrating on work. However, there will less varied social and cultural opportunities.
Going to a city or town will expose you to a much busier lifestyle with a more diverse population and more opportunities to socialise. This could be good for you or be too much of a distraction.

The best way to find out if a university’s location suits you is to go to an Open Day. By visiting you can find out:

  • What the journey from home is like
  • If you like the campus
  • How far from the nearest town or city the university is
  • If the location feels like somewhere you'd enjoy living

You will now be left with a list of universities, all in locations where you will feel at home.